If the glass slipper doesn’t fit…

“Just Another Self-Obsessed Teenager” hasn’t found her Prince Charming, but she’s trying to make her ex fit into her Cinderella story anyway.

“Well, they’re not glass… or my size… but maybe if I jam my toes in?”

Photo credit: karindalziel from Flickr- Thank you!

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Applying for College 101 – “Lost in Boston”

“Lost in Boston” isn’t sure how to pick from the 4,400 colleges in the U.S.– she just knows she wants to get out of Massachusetts.

“Mom, Dad…I’m having some trouble narrowing down.”

Photo credit: jenni from the block on Flickr- Thank you!

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Accepting Submissions!

Welcome to the newly launched “Advice a la Mode!”  I am now accepting submissions to raeadvice@gmail.com or in the comments section of the Submit page.


-Your anonymity will always be respected.  You may select a traditional “Problem Summarized in Name” format, or tell me you would like to go by “First Name from Place,” or I will come up with a name for you.
-The more information you give me, the better I can address your problem.
-Let me know if you do not want your inquiry on the site and just want an answer sent directly to you.
-I may respond with specifying questions, and if your inquiry is posted onto the site, I will send you a link to it (if it’s a serious inquiry, it will be posted).

Hope to see your question soon!

-Rachael, Advice a la Mode